Staying FIT & STRONG through stress

I just wanted to touch base with you all in regards to the busy end of year period. It seems that the busy times are hitting us early this year and everyones bosses are expecting more from them and pushing them harder, or businesses are picking up and it may be taking it’s toll on you physically or mentally.

The most important person you can look after now is YOU and it is even more important to make sure you are getting enough of these following things to keep up with the pace

Training throughout these times is still as essential as it always is, BUT you need to listen to your body. If my clients turn up to a session i can normally tell if they’re up for a biggie or not, i’ve got a sixth sense, but i always encourage them to tell me if their body isn’t feeling it anyway and i will always adjust the training sessions to accommodate. This isn’t slacking off! It’s simply learning the all important lesson of using what you have and doing what you can. Pushing yourself in a hard session on top of pushing yourself in every other area of your life will indeed get you sick, more tired than you already are and you may even drop off training because you can’t cope! Cortisol is a wonderful hormone, when we stress it is used, also when we train it is used, if we run out and the body can’t keep up with your demands, you will soon learn what adrenal fatigue is and will have to take time out from training, work and possibly even stress your loved ones due to you being an emotional wreck. So back off your training on days when the stress levels are high, then you can come back and kick butt on the other days to come! It doesn’t mean you have to do nothing, i sometimes still do the same sessions, just using lighter weights, less reps or less sets. This will decrease the physical load on the body and won’t demand too much of your energy. 

Nutrition as always this is number 1! If your body isn’t fuelled correctly, it won’t work to the peak performance demands that you are making. Now sometimes you might think that you are eating healthy, but signs that you’re not eating enough of right for your body type would be, looking for sugar or sweet foods, needing more caffeine especially in the afternoon, tired, can’t train well, aren’t sleeping, feeling bloated, aren’t waking up rested etc etc. You can be eating healthy foods but not the right macronutrients for your body type, if any of the above symptoms sound familiar i am happy to help you find your answer to nutrition for you. 

Sleep is so important. You might think that alcohol is your favourite thing in the world, lol, but go without sleep for a few nights and you will soon learn how lack of sleep affects everything. A lack of a good nights sleep will affect your hormones dramatically. Gaining more weight around your middle? I can guarantee that if you aren’t getting a good quality nights sleep this is one of the causes of that fat gain. Again this is due to the hormones, they want to replenish the stores and reset in the evening, and if you’re not resting and getting a good sleep your hormones won’t replenish. Leaving you feeling tired, emotional and not feeling on top of things in your daily activities. This leads to perhaps increasing your carbs and particularly sugar. Again another of my first questions that i ask my clients is, are you sleeping well, if not we put in some healthy sleep plans in place to make sure they are feeling their best. I know, you probably don’t think your pt would give you a bed time but i do, 10pm is the goal!! 

Fill your cup, this is something that is a MUST and should be booked into your week every week! Find some time to laugh, be with loved ones and just muck around, go to the beach or a little self love. This itself, will decrease stress and make you feel like you again. Something that i am still working on as i tend to be a bit of a workaholic but i am learning this one from my clients. I try to book in some self love or time with friends every week. So a massage, getting my nails done or the likes of. When you’re a mum or a business person or someone who gives a lot, it’s important to find some time to fill your own cup. You can’t help anybody else unless you keep your own cup full and work on yourself first. 

I hope this helps some of you get through these next few months ahead!! Lets finish 2016 FIT and STRONG! 

Hayley xx

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