‘Shit Just Changes’

Ok this one has been needed for some time, as I watch so many women being so confused around training like a woman and the changes that happen around their cycle and into peri menopause!

I am so excited to unlock some of the secrets around getting better health by training like a woman and better results and a smooth transition into perimenopause.  

Did you know that all studies around diets, exercise, fasting etc are all done on men, or post menopausal women? 

YEOP! Because women in their baby birthing years are too hard to study, being that we have 4 different phases each 28-35 days, all with different hormone levels and different body responses to diets and exercise.  Which is why some may struggle to lose weight, keep stress levels at bay or even just to stay on top of life while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your diet and movement needs to change within the cycle to support these changes in the body, or you will feel like sometimes you’re just pushing shit uphill

Did you know that during peri menopause that your training, recovery, lifestyle choices should change from what you used to do to get results? This is why you may be getting frustrated that what used to work for you, doesn’t work anymore. Sux right? 

You may be experiencing these things:

  • You’re training hard and results are going BACKWARDS
  • You keep getting every cold and flu going around
  • Bloating belly and puffiness
  • Joint pain and new niggles
  • Shoulder injuries (yep, it’s a peri thing)
  • Poor gut function, bloating, gassy, sensitivity to foods that you used to be able to eat!!
  • Being a moody biatch
  • Feeling stressed on and off or all of the time
  • Just storing more fat, especially around the middle 
  • Confusion around being in peri menopause 

Well there is plenty that you can do to both support your body through your monthly cycle to make sure that you continue to build muscle, support fat loss or healthy weight management and reduce stress and also into the peri menopause and post menopausal years. 

We don’t work on a 24 hour clock, we work on a 28-35 day clock and need to start living like this too. This needs to be taught to girls in school!!

There is still so much that most women don’t know that they’re doing on a daily basis that is  actually moving the needle backwards when you think that you’re working so hard and doing all that you can. 

You may be doing things like:

  • Training TOO HARD in certain times of your cycle will actually cause muscle loss and fat storage
  • The wrong type of training can cause STRESS in the body and cause you to store fat
  • Eating too much OR too little carbs can cause you to gain weight or to increase stress
  • Neglecting the gut which can cause anxiety, mood disorders  
  • Eating what seems to be a healthy breakfast, which is actually setting them up for a rollercoaster of chasing sugar for energy
  • Eating soy products which are fucking up your hormones
  • Training like they did in their 20’s causing injuries and the need to stop and start training, losing consistency 
  • Eating some common road block foods, which are causing inflammation, puffiness and dimply skin (yes you can get rid of this)  
  • Not eating the right amount of macronutrients to support building muscle lost with age
  • Training well but not backing it up with diet

SHIT JUST CHANGES! Both throughout the monthly cycle for those still in child birthing years, and during the changes of menopause and beyond, and you need to learn how to tweak your lifestyle for a healthier body.

Learning the simple tweaks that you can make to your lifestyle can make all the difference in gaining better results in;

  • Reducing stress
  • Improving your mood
  • Gaining more energy
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Gaining muscle tone
  • Losing fat mass, especially that gut!

Best of all, finally learning how you should train, eat and recover like a woman to gain better results not only in the gym, but in every day life.

My clients who are lucky to train with me, gain this info on a weekly basis and all notice how much easier both training is, and also just doing life becomes easier. Knowing more about their own body, the hormonal changes and how they can still lead a successful life, but tweak their schedule to suit them, gives them so much growth both in training results and in also gaining more success in life. Be it running their business or simply being able to turn up for work or family a better person.


  • The four phases of your cycle and how they relate to diet, training, recovery and results
  • How to tweak your training throughout the month for better results in the gym and incredible energy
  • How your diet should change in each phase of your cycle
  • How to improve your stress response
  • How to balance your hormones with food and lifestyle choices that are ACHIEVEABLE
  • What to expect in peri menopause, menopause and beyond and how to improve symptoms!
  • How to change your training and diet in each stage of life
  • How to work like a woman and not a man for better results

Best of all you will gain some fucking clarity over what is super confusing in being a woman and not getting the results that men get, in having such fluctuations each month and in not gaining the results that you’re working hard for.  You will learn how to move, eat, recover in the best way possible for a woman so that you can show up for life with better energy, a better mindset and more confidence because you’re getting the results that you deserve. Both in and outside of the gym.

When: We run this workshop twice per year. Our next workshop will be in Spring 2024.
Members $86
Non-members $98
Where: H.A.I.L Fitness Studio, Redcliffe


Light refreshments provided afterwards for those who would like to stay and have a nibble and a chat with other women on the same path.

I look forward to seeing you there and giving you more clarity over what is happening within your body so that you can unlock the results that you are working hard for and finally understand the difference in moving like a woman in any stage to gain better results.  

Hayley xx