At H.A.I.L Fitness we educate and inspire you to create real change and to improve your whole life through health and fitness so that you can reconnect with yourself at a deeper level and connect to your soul and life purpose.
Small Group Personal Training
Our small group sessions are kept small so that we can tailor the sessions to suit our clients needs. We have strong focus on CORE strength and posture and creating an overall strong body fit for our clients busy lifestyles.

Personal Training
Personal training is about encouraging, inspiring and educating our clients to improve their lives. If you’re looking for someone to yell at you, to beat you up, then we’re not the right trainers for you. If you want to feel supported to create internal and external change so that you can chase your dreams then look no further.

Online Training
We can help you near or far with our online services. You might like what we do but not be able to come to see us in the studio, that's ok! We can still assist you to gain your health and fitness success!

Nutritional Coaching
Diet is a dirty word! We don’t do diets, weighing food, measuring macro’s or calories. We will help guide you and teach you how to listen to your own body and to create a healthy and results based nutrition plan that not only provides your body with insane energy, but also improved stress response, improved sleep, better mental clarity and an overall greater sense of well-being and happiness.