GLOW FROM WITHIN detoxification program
Glow From Within with us on this 21-day journey to a brighter more vibrant life!

The lead up to summer is here and it’s time to show up, clean up and get rid of a bit of that fluff and poor energy so that you can enter the summer feeling fresh AF, loving your body again and find that motivation for training and LIFE to finish the year strong. 

Why do we need to detox?
We are so out of whack these days and we are exposed to not only a lot more stress but also environmental stress, toxins in the products that we use daily, preservatives and food additives that just weren’t around years ago. Our bodies are under a lot more stress than they should be. These things effect our hormonal system, our skin and hair, our digestive health and our overall vibrancy for life.
I like to think of detoxification as restoring the body back to it’s factory settings. It assists the liver, kidneys, bowel and skin to better do their job of elimination providing you with balanced hormones, improving weight loss, clearer skin and a much brighter mind. YES!  If you have been struggling with weight loss, maybe losing a bit of weight then it creeps right back on, then there’s a good chance your gut and liver have a lot to do with that. You can be doing all the work in the gym and eating really well but if your body is under stress and not functioning properly, it’s a shit fight. 
Anybody plateauing with weight loss or wants to kick start weight loss
Anybody wanting to reduce pain and inflammation
Anybody wanting to reduce bloating
Anybody wanting to improve CORE function and tone
Anybody wanting to reduce stress within their body
Anybody wanting to feel energised and full of VIBRANCY!
I always recommend a detox on the change of seasons…

…and I look forward to my detox when it’s the 6 month mark as I start to feel a bit of brain fog coming on, my energy decreases and I feel sluggish, I start to look a little puffy and bloated as inflammation increases and in general I feel like I need a reboot and reset. I just finished my cleanse and I had a client tell me that I was literally vibrating with incredible energy.

This cleanse will not only improve the body but the mind and your spirit too. The gut is literally your center for personal power, the solar plexus, so if you want to regain your inner and outer strength, get on board with us. 

This cleanse will not only improve the body, but the mind and your spirit too. So if you want to regain your inner and outer strength, get on board with us.
WHAT TO expect?
  • Incredible energy & returned motivation not only for the gym but for LIFE! 
  • Better functioning digestion & POOS! 
  • Reduced bloating 
  • Reduced inflammation and pain 
  • Improved skin, reduced redness, improved elasticity
  • Better moods, no more moody biatch 
  • Improved hormones 
  • Weight loss (if you are aiming for that) 
  • Better CORE function & tone
  • Feel more confident and more like YOU again
  • Feel better sliding into your shorts for summer 
IS IT hard?
Not at all. I chose this program as a program that ‘normal people’ could follow, not extreme health nuts. lol. I have another cleanse that I use with clients and it is just too restrictive for the average person which is why I found and brought this on board. Oh and yes you eat REAL FOOD on the cleanse and we provide an incredible recipe book designed by Australian naturopaths. 
The thing that I hear the most when clients are on this cleanse are: 
  • The recipes are AMAZING!! Even the kids eat and love them
  • I have tried cleanses before and was so tired and had so many cravings, not this time
  • I could eat like this all of the time 
  • I actually found it easy 
  • My POO is incredible! Yes I get poo messages all of the time, lol 
  • My skin is so clear and not as red 
WHAT YOU receive?
  • Three incredible products from Intrametica, an Australian brand designed by Angela Maree Smith, a renowned naturoptah. Collagen Ultimate +, Purify Body Cleanse & Toned Protein Boost. All designed to assist in a smooth ride to detoxification
  • An incredible recipe guide and health and wellness book loaded with the yummiest recipes, including desserts! 
  • Access to a private Facebook group with daily posts, motivation and support from me, Hayley 
  • A weekly LIVE session where I will answer any health questions that you may have and offer any support needed  
  • A community of others doing the cleanse together to provide each other with moral support and encouragement  
  • A more energised mind body and spirit!!!! 

When do we start?

We start on Saturday, 4th November 2023!  If that seems like it’s so far away, don’t worry there are some pre-detox steps to take that you can begin right away to get you started. This will be your prep week to get organised and ready to go. 
You can also start anytime that best suits you and your social commitments, around the 4th. 
Products will be picked up from the studio in Redcliffe so unfortunately this time we are only opening this to locals.
YOUR investment

Covers all products, recipe guide plus support from Hayley during the detox.

We can’t wait to connect with you and share this wonderful healing program and finish 2023 feeling healthy, bloat free, motivated and strong AF!
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