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Sue is a FIFO worker, in Peri Menopause and has finally found something she can be consistent with. 8kgs down baby!!

Hi, I’m Sue. I’m 53 years old, mum of 4ish – 2 mine, one my partner’s, a couple of others and our dog. Both my partner and I work FIFO (15 days on, 13 days off), so we are only home in Redcliffe 2 weeks in every 4.

The roster, my distaste for gyms and weights training, the perimenopause and a couple of pretty huge stresses in my personal life over the past few years, saw me looking for a way to build my strength and control my cortisol.

I was pretty much at my wit’s end, as I’d given lots of different types of exercise regimes a go for a month or so, then tire with them, waste my money, then beat myself up about not being able to commit to something, again. My weight has always been up and down. From around age 30 until 5 years ago, I used to run 8-10km at least 3 times per week. I had also done a few 3-month challenges with a local gym where using weights was involved. I lost weight and gained muscle during the challenges but couldn’t stick to the weights routine. I would continue to run, overweight, in fits and starts until my lower back started to hurt. Then I just gave up.

Coming back to training, after 5 years of intermittent walking and trying to jog, became necessary as I was overweight and had no muscle strength. At our first meeting I told Hayley, “I hate weights training! I hate feeling sore! I hate being inconsistent!”

There was so much self-doubt in my mind about my ability to attend a ‘gym’ consistently.

I checked out the H.A.I.L. website – read about the classes and examined the testimonials. It was the testimonials that got me. Those who vouch for H.A.I.L. are non- commercial, pleasant, everyday people from all walks of life and for whom the program works.

Hayley and Beth are gifted trainers. They’re both so, so knowledgeable and, believe it or not, make strength training appealing. They personalise it, so you’re confident you’re doing it correctly and are making progress. It’s not just training, either – it’s education too. Hayley provides much food for thought and motivation through her emails and Facebook group. When you’re feeling flat, some tidbit in an email will inspire you. You’ll think, “Shit, I didn’t know that! That’s why I might me feeling flat today. Okay.”

The training is never easy at H.A.I.L, but these 2 AWESOME chicks have created such a brilliant facility and training environment that, even on your worst days, you just want to get there.

I’ve lost 8kg, gained strength, flexibility and, finally, consistency. So glad I found them!


No more headaches, more energy for business life and down 7kg's

I’m 37, mum of two young boys and run my own business. I have never had ‘weight issues’ but since I’ve had children I’ve not been happy with my body. Mostly because of up & down energy levels, neck & back pain, tummy holding a lot of inflammation and difficulty recovering after a workout (days of soreness). 
I was so confused as I thought I ate relatively healthy – avo toast & a banana for brekky, maybe sushi or toasted sandwich for lunch, pasta, tacos or stir fry for dinner. Chuck in a coupla coffees and a wine after dinner and the odd sweet treat. I was working out three times a week and would pick the HIIT /smash your body sessions so I could ‘lose weight and tone up’ yet nothing budged. 
After joining HAIL fitness, I went through a MAJOR learning curve about how to workout for my age, body, stage of life, cycle and also how to FUEL my body properly – I quickly realised the lack of protein in my diet was significant and underpinned a lot of my issues. 
Thank you Hayley & the team for educating me on working out for me and eating for my body type.
I’ve been able to lose 6kgs and lost 10cm off my waist in the last few months- my headaches and neck pain are gone and for first time in over 5 years and I am starting to love & appreciate my body again. I even wore a bikini this summer for the first time in years.

Has lost 15kg's and over 70cm and has found a healthier mindset

My health and fitness journey has spanned quite a few decades already! Early on I embraced fitness as a priority and all seemed good. I achieved my goal weight and applied myself to any physical activity that could push me and thought nothing would stop me. However, life progressed and challenged me – physically and mentally. I embraced work as a distraction and always figured one day I would get back on track. And, from time to time I did but I always struggled to keep on that path. Eventually my health took a real nosedive, and I was seriously in a bit of trouble!

Fortunately, at this time I came upon Hail Fitness. Hayley and the team have helped me to completely turn around my attitude and approach as to what I truly wanted to achieve. It has been tough for me to face a few realities, but Hayley has been there all the way to guide and support me. I don’t think it has been easy for her at times 😊 either, but she has gone above and beyond to help me adapt and embrace a healthy mindset which has made the world of difference. Physically, my activities have been adapted along the way. All the time a focus on what my body can achieve at that point in time. Recognising that myself – work outs and work ins and those pesky daily corrective stretches!

Finally, I believe I am on track with my new lifestyle. I feel I should have already known how to do this all myself BUT… tis easy to have the blinkers on when change seems hard! It is still slow going and I slip a little every now and then with those pseudo rewards!

I am so grateful to Hayley for persevering with me as a client. Her approach, dedication, and absolute passion to share her knowledge keeps me focused! Many, many heartfelt thanks Hayley.


Headaches gone, increased energy and no joint pain

I finally organised to get my measurements done after my 4 week detox…. I am down 30cm and 4.3kg – woop woop!

However, the biggest differences are:
☆ no daily headaches
☆ clearer eyes and skin
☆ no constant joint pain
☆ feeling more positive & happier within myself 💖

The original photo shows me in early Feb (prior to floods, homelessness, broken elbow, car dying, mental health issues)…so I had put on weight through those challenges. I’ve been off the detox for some weeks & I am maintaining most of my dietary changes….and what a difference!

I am so incredibly happy I found Hail Fitness, Hayley & Beth are amazing. They have changed my life for the better, not just with exercise…but with knowledge!! The knowledge to make better choices. THANK YOU!


Found a space to suppport her and gained consistancy in fitness

After trying multiple trainers and many gyms, I finally found a personal trainer /gym who worked with my limitations at Hail Fitness. From the comprehensive initial assessment, Hayley and Beth were there cheering me on session after session. I have for the first time in 30 years consistently exercised 3-4 times each week for 15 months. I truly enjoyed working out at Hail Fitness and was given personal attention at each small group training session. I was always offered alternatives when my limitations prevented me from performing any of the designated ten exercises. I love that there were new programs each month so I never became bored. I highly recommend Hail Fitness to anyone. Don’t let your body size, fitness level or injuries hold you back because Hayley and Beth will be there to support you. I’m only leaving Hail Fitness because I’m moving away from the area.


Fitter, stronger and happier with a holistic approach

I researched for a long time, on the peninsula, to find the perfect fit for me and my fitness goals. Since joining HAIL Fitness I have not only become fitter, stronger, happier and more mentally clear but I have also found a wonderful trainer in Hayley. She really understands what it takes to get the very best out of everyone. The classes are the perfect size for me and the range of classes and times work really well. I love the holistic approach to health and well being that is on offer. I also love being able to workout barefoot in summer with like minded people and bring my dog with me to class! Certainly can’t do that at a traditional gym. Thanks Hayley and the team for an amazing space to grow and have fun!


Found training for her mind body and soul

I often thought I would just love to find a group exercise program that focuses on mind, body & soul, and have the opportunity to exercise with like-minded people.

When I joined Hail Fitness my gut-health was out of balance, I was aware of inflammation in my body, I was carrying extra weight, particularly around my core, and for a reasonably relaxed and calm person, I was feeling constantly in survival mode, stressed and on edge. When I joined my first session, not only did I find myself around friendly like-minded people, I breathed a sigh of relief, I just knew this was for me. In the weeks and months that followed my strength, energy, body shape, mental clarity and connection to self improved to no end and my Hail Fitness sessions gave me a new lease on life. My commitment to my health became my priority and my family adapted.

The program Hayley has created differs from any other. She is a real person number 1, who embraces life’s rich tapestry and understands from a deep level, what it is to be human. Hayley is uniquely and highly skilled in her knowledge as personal trainer & group fitness trainer, and nutrition coach. Her energy is highly motivating and her approach is genuine and natural. I really love the fact that Hayley is there to show us exactly how to do the exercises effectively and when the mental fog kicks in she’s there to help.

Nutrition coaching with Hayley has been amazing making a marked difference to my energy levels, gut health, toning of my body/core and feeling the food I am eating is right for me. I can see & feel real change in my body shape and core strength. Even though my work & family life is still packed full, my training and nutrition comes first and I have more in the tank to give, and training has become part of my routine, it’s not rushed either, and I love that I will be sharing my time in a great environment at Hail Fitness and enjoying every minute of feeling and looking healthy


Improved physical and mental health

Finding HAIL Fitness has made such a positive impact in my life. I felt so comfortable and at home on my very first visit, despite feeling nervous for finally stepping outside my comfort zone and beginning my health and fitness journey. I absolutely love the small group classes and can feel a huge difference to both my physical and mental health after only 4 months. Hayley and the team are just awesome! So knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and kind. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of HAIL Fitness!


Now addicted to a healthy lifestyle

Hayley has changed my life. I’ve never enjoyed exercising or eating well, but after crying when I looked in the mirror I realised my mindset had to change. Hayleys realistic approach to fitness has me addicted to a healthier lifestyle. I am forever grateful for her incredible knowledge, kindness and care. I now understand the importance of looking after myself.


Shifted her mindset and then became a personal trainer too

HAIL Fitness was such a huge part of my life. Hayley is an excellent Personal Trainer who always motivated, inspired and pushed me to be the best version of myself. I met Hayley after going through a big body transformation and Hayley really helped me change my mindset and my lifestyle to maintain my weight loss. My body transformation happened so suddenly and so quickly and I was so afraid of gaining weight again.

Hayley’s holistic approach made me confident in my new body and she gave me amazing fitness and nutrition strategies to make it a lifestyle and I’ve kept the weight off since. HAIL fitness helped with shaping and toning my body and I loved seeing these results through HAIL fitness one on one and group training. I was so inspired by Hayley I’ve now become a personal trainer myself. HAIL fitness, Sydney misses you and Brisbane is so lucky to have you. Thank you for being part of my journey.

Thanks again.


Found something that makes sense and works for her busy lifestyle

Two things have shifted quite radically: I have learned stuff about my own diet needs, and daily rhythm, and on what suits my body-type that I was completely unaware of. That has made weight control much easier, and I have got into the rhythm of a form of exercise that is actually affecting my overall fitness and body – both in how healthy and supple I feel,and in losing the weight that over the past years I had got used to having. It’s such a pleasure to be able to wear my old clothes and feel comfortable with how I feel.

I teach aesthetics. How we look and feel is not superficial… it is part of our whole sense of self. It’s important to like how you look and feel.

I am still very busy:) – that will not change any day soon! And every now and again have to be careful about work eating up my exercise regime, but having someone to keep that in check a bit is also helpful. I travel a lot for work, but I touch base with Hayley when back – which just helps me keep the momentum going and take the next step.

Clichéd as it may sound: “phew…”finally: something that makes sense and works for me”. Am still learning and getting getting into that rhythm… but really happy about having gone down this route!


Loved the different exercises and NO BURPEES

I’ve had a PT in the past and was expecting the usual repertoire of exercises, however I was surprised to be doing some weird and wonderful exercises that were new and specifically suited to my concerns around my posture, stamina and mobility. I trust Beth – correct technique is emphasised, there’s no shaming and there’s no burpees!! Beth is a pro and she knows how to listen to her clients while still encouraging them to get the most from each session. Personal Training with Beth is my treat to myself and I see and feel the benefits already.


Found support, encouragement and knowledge to be the best version of herself

From my initial assessment Beth was able to create an accurate training program understanding and focusing on my individual needs. From this starting point, she has been amazing in her support, knowledge and encouragement in attaining realistic goals in my fitness, flexibility and strength program. Every base is covered from general fitness, strength, stretch, mobility to mindfulness and she is passionate about health, wellness and nutrition. I highly recommend working together with Beth, with her dedication, professional focus, support and patience!. I definitely feel stronger, and remain happy and enthusiastic training with Beth, striving to be ” the best version of myself “.

Bec and Tony

Loved the mind and body connection

We have been so lucky to have worked with Beth.  As a husband and wife duo we had different requirements and restrictions but Beth was able to work and adapt a program that suited us both so we could train together.
Beth has exceptional knowledge that extends past the usual PT advice that we had experienced with others.  She helped us work on our bodies but more importantly helped us connect body and mind. 
Beth provided us with a safe professional space to work on us an improve our lifestyle.
Thank you so much for your understanding, your patience and your motivation Beth.  We’ve both so very grateful.


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