New Year New You!! 30 Day Juice Cleanse! 28 Days to a Healthy Body! 4 Week Fat Burning Meal Plan! How to lose weight Fast!!

As we all fire up to reach all of our new years resolutions please be careful of clever marketing and quick unrealistic plans designed to get you to buy a 30day fat loss product that promises the world and guess what it’s EASY!! HA!

I just want to highlight that fat loss or taking on a new healthy life takes longer than 30days or 8 weeks or what ever time frame promised. It takes a lifetime. It takes a conscious decision to change for the better, for a higher purpose than to look good, but for the pure reason that you are sick of staying where you are and feeling like you currently do.

You are tired of feeling tired, you don’t sleep well, you don’t feel happy, you get increased anxiety, increased health problems, muscle and joint pain, you’ve lost CONFIDENCE. That is the number one reason most people sign up for our health coaching programs, believe it or not it’s CONFIDENCE. They might start off saying it’s fat loss but in the first 10 minutes of a consultation i guarantee the underlying reason is to gain confidence. You used to feel happy, in control and feel good to wear what ever you want and do what ever you want. Then over time life took over, or kids or your job, whatever it was but you lost control of your life and choices. 

All of the above things were created over time and they will take time to undo. Sure doing 30days you may feel better for that time and possibly even lose a little size around the middle, but what happens after the 30days? Can you keep it up? If it’s a juice cleanse or shake diet i guarantee you are dangerously cutting your food intake and once you begin to eat again you will gain even more weight than you began with. More about this in another article. And before i get people arguing with me on juice cleanses and their benefits, i do agree some of them are great for liver cleansing or other health reasons IF completed with a nutritionist but for fat loss, no definitely not.

Following a strict 30day plan will not teach you to make educated choices in the future. You may be able to be told what to eat when for a few weeks but you want to be able to make choices for yourself in the future. Learn about what works for you and why it works.

To assist you in making the right decisions this year and in starting 2016 right, one of the best things that you can do is INVEST IN YOURSELF. Hire a trainer and health coach who already leads the healthy happy life that you want to achieve. Or that offers a plan that you can stick to. Interview THEM. Ask them how they would train you, what nutrition guidelines they offer, where they can train you and what available times they have. If you’re a busy mum of 4 kids and the trainer only offers you a one hour session at school drop off time with a chicken, broccoli and brown rice nutrition plan, then thats probably not going to work for you LONG TERM. Oh but i’ll lose weight fast right? Maybe, but what happens after your kids go back to school and you need to prepare healthy meals for the whole family at night? You’re not going to be able to keep it up and then it will take you right back to your starting point. 

If you think you can’t afford a trainer, just ask us. We have many options available for every budget. From $10 group training up to one hour private sessions. Not in our area? We offer online services too. 🙂 

Still want to go it alone? I highly recommend buying a book written by Paul Chek called “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy.” I call it my bible and refer to it often. Paul Chek is a very well known Holistic Practitioner who i have completed many advanced courses with. Order it online and i guarantee it will be much wiser investment than the 30day cleanse that keeps popping up on facebook. 

So in conclusion please don’t fall for the skinny mint tea adds that keep popping up on facebook or the “One Size Fits All Plan” sold and promoted by the 20year old girl who takes photos of her abs to sell her programs. These are just marketing tools designed to prey on you and get you to sign up to a plan that they know you and millions of others won’t stick to. 80% of people who start a health program won’t finish it. Don’t let that be YOU. 

Complimentary Holistic Health Consult

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, we suggest arranging a time to pop into the studio for a chat with one of us to go over your current health and challenges and we will also run you through our Holistic Health Consult. 
The health consult is designed to give you clarity over where your health currently is, and where you would like it to be. It then bridges that gap and shows you the best way for you to move forward with a clear path mapped out. 
We find this is the best way for you to understand what we do, as we work differently to most gyms with a much more holistic approach to health and fitness. 
If you would like to arrange a time to pop in to see the space and to book a Holistic Health consult, then please contact us here and we will be in touch with some available times.’ 
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