NUTRITION for life!
Learn how to gain INCREDIBLE energy for your busy days and how to stop looking for the next diet to help you. How to gain better mental clarity, get more restful sleep improve stress and how to look after your health for the rest of your LIFE! These sessions are for those who are serious about gaining better health and in taking control of not only their health but their LIFE.

I want to help you to FEEL better and to gain better health and to give you all of the tools to take away for LIFE!  So if you’re ready to improve your LIFE by improving your energy, mental clarity, reduce your stress, improve your weight and finally learn how to eat to suit YOU, then come along!! 


Anyone who wants to learn in detail how to eat to suit their own body for energy, mental clarity, hormonal health and weight management and not to follow another diet again.

I have spent hours creating these workshops and jam packing as much information in them as possible so that you walk away with clarity on the right foods for YOU. 

We are all so different and need to be eating differently and these workshops will teach you why keto works for one person and not another, why alot of diets are draining you instead of fueling you for success, why your food is keeping you from sleeping well, why you’re waking up feeling tired and drained in the mornings and why you can’t get rid of those cravings!!   

Those cravings and all of the above are telling you something and I am giving you all of the tools to know exactly what your body is asking for.  

  • Eating to suit YOU. We will give you our Primal Diet Type quiz and determine whether you are best suited to a carb type, protein type or mixed type diet. This is a GAME CHANGER!!!
  • How to create meals to suit your type for the best energy
  • Explaining what Macronutrients (proteins, Fat, Carbs)  are and why we don’t cut any out of your diet
  • Why some people need to increase carbs, some decrease. You may be cutting out yummy foods unnecessarily!
  • Explaining fat facts. Fat doesn’t make you FAT!!
  • Why you are eating really well but STILL craving chocolate!
  • Which foods are causing inflammation, pain and weight gain
  • Why some diets are lacking greatly and making you sick
  • How our bodies change and our diets should to
  • How to reduce muscle soreness
  • How to improve your POO and digestion
  • Explain what foods and non foods are and why they are draining you of life
  • How to fine tune your diet in times of stress
  • How we ladies need to adjust our foods throughout our cycle
  • The difference in food quality and why it matters
  • Learn about the impact your food choices make on the environment
  • How to create balance of good health and LIFE and not feel like you’re missing out. Yes enjoy that cheeky wine 😉
  • How to determine if you have food intolerances yourself ( way cheaper than seeing a naturopath for a food detective test)
  • How to read labels fast without spending hours in the supermarket
  • What are the red flags when it comes to foods
  • What preservatives are and what they are doing to you
  • How eating the right foods for YOU and tuning into your body more will improve your weight

Yes, the information is spread out over the two sessions for you to better absorb the information given and for you to go away and use the information received in session 1 before coming back for more.  

TESTIMONIALS FROM past participants

We run this workshop twice per year. Our next workshop will be in Spring 2024.

Hail Fitness Studio, Redcliffe

$169 for Hail Fitness members (book in studio to get your discount)
$185 for non-members

Spaces are limited so that we can give you a personalised approach. Book now to ensure that you don’t miss out. 

* Hayley is normally $125 per hour to see for the in depth coaching she provides. This course saves you over $300 to gain the valuable knowledge to change your life.