OUR trainers

Our trainers are not only highly educated in their field, but are friendly and fun. We want you to not only get the results that you want, but to enjoy the process too!! Our trainers and coaches continually educate themselves in their field to ensure that they are the best that they can be to deliver the best service for you.

I began HAIL Fitness to help people heal through health and fitness. To inspire them to find their strength not only physically but also mentally. To educate and inspire them to change their health and fitness but also to find a deeper connection to themselves and to find their life purpose.

In my 12 years in the fitness industry I have evolved and developed a passion for the deeper transformation that working on yourself can create.

Working on my own health and fitness over the years helped me to deal with my own challenges of sexual abuse, drug abuse, disordered eating, poor body image and lack of self love. I believe that working harder on yourself than you do on anything else, helps you to transform into the person that you are destined to become and in doing so you can share your unique gift with the world.

My passion is seeing people find their strength and I love nothing more than seeing my clients become strong, healthy, more at ease with who they are and energised and excited to chase their dreams.

MY Qualifications

Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
Holistic Life Coach
Advanced Weight Loss
C.H.E.K. Scientific Back Training
C.H.E.K. Scientific Core Training
C.H.E.K. Program Design
MYO Fascial Stretching

Personal Trainer

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2007 and have worked with a diverse range of clients over that time. I love seeing my clients develop confidence in themselves and achieving things they never thought they could do.

My goal as a trainer is to see my clients getting stronger, healthier and happier through their training.

Outside of work I love getting out by the water for a run or a walk and have just started training again to compete in the upcoming triathlon season.

MY Qualifications

Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and Personal Training
Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) 
Aqua aerobics
Thump Boxing 
Blue Card 

Personal Trainer

My experience of discovering my own health, fitness, and happiness has resulted in a never ending amount of passion to help others do the same. I began my journey 13 years ago as a young girl with an eating disorder. Now I am in love with my body and strive for health and happiness rather than image.
The main tools I used for my development were exercise and education. I get so much thrill and excitement out of guiding others to use these tools to transform their lives. I have helped a diverse range of clients to walk away with increased confidence, capability, strength, and happiness. All of these rewards lead to the ultimate prize – a better quality of life.
Exercise is such a powerful tool. My passion is to help others utilise it in a way that best suits their needs and desires.

MY Qualifications

MSc majoring in Exercise Science
ACSM registered clinical exercise physiologist 
BSc majoring in exercise science
Safe Return to Exercise accreditation Pre and Post Natal (Jen Dugard)