Pedro Nepal
"I first began training with Hayley in July 2014. I trained with Hayley on a regular basis and she helped me to achieve my goals of gaining muscle and losing weight. She prepared training programs which were shaken up every few weeks to keep me motivated and challenged. She is very knowledgeable in not only exercise but nutrition. I went from having no breakfast to now having a healthy breakfast each morning! Without Hayley's help I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goals and have the knowledge about nutrition I have now. I can't thank Hayley enough for her support and mentoring in the last 8 months."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you again for your help last year and this year. I've just come back from Peru and did a 3 day trek through the mountains and it was a struggle but without your help it would've been more of a struggle! Throughout the trek I just kept remembering all the endurance training and the breathing techniques and that really helped me to keep going. You've helped me conquer one of the most difficult challenges I've faced in my fitness!" 

Pedro Costa - H.A.I.L Fitness client from 2014