Hollie"I met Hayley in 2012, the day after my 19th birthday. At this point in my life, I was overweight, struggling with food and my self-image, and couldn’t bring myself to step on the scales or look in the mirror. Anytime Fitness Mascot was running a ‘Summer Body Challenge’, and after being convinced by a couple of friends, I reluctantly put in my entry. I was called later that day by Kristina (the gym manager at the time) telling me that she was really excited that I’d put my entry in, and she’d love me to meet the new personal trainer they had at the gym.

A few days later, I went down and met Hayley, and from that moment on my life changed for the better.

2.5 years later, I’ve lost about 15kgs of fat and gained muscle. I couldn’t be more grateful to have Hayley in my life as my trainer. She has completely flipped my life around for the better, teaching me about working out, nutrition, balance in life, and to love myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her."

Hollie Sykes - H.A.I.L Fitness Client from 2014