"It's not about being the fittest, fastest or firmest one there. Booty is about bringing out the very best in you, no matter where you start.

There is no competition just support, great friends and fun! There is nothing quite like a good booty session.

When you think you can’t, Hayley chimes right in to remind you that you can, that it’s only 15 more seconds and reminds you that booty burn is the best kind of burn. After every session Hayley leaves you smiling, despite moments ago cursing her for those 15 more seconds. Even on non-booty days, Hayley makes sure your muscles remind you of her. Every week little by little you get stronger, leaner and more confident in your own abilities. All because Hayley and the booty girls have your back every single session.

I think the very best part of training with Hayley is that she teaches you a healthy balance, that health is about more than just working out. (It may have a little bit to do with magnesium.) She will, without a doubt change your life."

Lauren Milne - H.A.I.L Fitness Client 2014