During our most recent campaign for our brand, I have encountered some interesting responses from prospective clients regarding the offer and ultimately... themselves. 




The top three interesting things I have heard so far are :

1. "I think the challenge sounds like its too tough for me"
2. "I dont think I will be any good at that"
3. "It doesnt sound like something I would do"

Well.... where as a personal trainer do I start with these types of statements. I guess initially I have to say don't worry. These types of reactions to something like a 6 week challenge are not only the normal but they are also part of a path to self improvement.

However, here are a few reasons why I disagree with these prospective clients and why challenges such as these are not trying to make you a 'different person' but instead improve your current self.

Initially it must be stated that our challenge is as tough as our clients want it to be. To win our competition isn't like competing in something like 'Tough Mudder' or the crossfit games. This is about a personal improvement. We do not judge the winner on how far you can run, how much you can lift or how high you can jump. We judge it purely on our contestants individual results and the rate of results against every other competitor. So yes ... a 75 year old woman can easily beat a 25 year old man ! So for a prospective contestant who beleives it is "Too tough" Its only as tough as you make it on yourself and the harder you go the more chance you have of winning ;)

The second most interesting statement is the one that kind of worries me a little. To be "good" at something suggests that the person conducting the activity in question has either a natural talent or is practiced. The reality is ladies and gentleman, no one is born "good" at anything. Our trainers are not only here to help you burn fat.. we are here to help our clients gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. If you don't know how to conduct an activity, we will teach you. If you need help with a certain movement, we will show you. If you find that you want to make a change but don't know how, we can show you the way.

"It doesnt sound like something I would do." Well, the hardest part of any journey is the first couple of steps. Fitness, as a whole is not hemmed down to one single activity. When someone says Personal Training it doesnt necassarily mean lifting heavy weights off your chest in a gym. The question any prospective personal training client should ask themselves isn't "What does this trainer do " it should be "What do I like doing" then the first question you should ask is "Can we do what I like doing? " Most of the time the answer will be yes, unless it involves sitting on the couch. ;)

The above information is what goes through my mind as a trainer when I speak with perspective clients about their reservations to training with us. I am never here to make the hard sell, and I am always about letting our clients decide for themselves that they want a better version of themselves. Ignore the sign up fees, the constant badgering and the relentless scare tactics. If a client wants to shed their unhealthy lifestyles and let us help, then they will.

Fitness and more importantly healthy living is not about being different. Its not about throwing away your Sunday bacon and eggs, its not about throwing away your interests and replacing them with protein and muscle shirts. Its about you being you.... just a little less tired, a little less headachy, a little more flexible, a little less stressed, a bit more alert with a little less fat. Its about your ability to improve yourself for you.

If anyone reading this blog is considering our challenge I implore you to give it a try. Not only will the six weeks show you what you are capable of, but it will start you on a path you might just enjoy.

Let Us.
Help You.