It all comes down to one word......
Weight (wāt)n. Abbr. wt. or w

"The force with which a body is attracted to Earth or another celestial body, equal to the product of the object's mass and the acceleration of gravity."

In other words ladies and gentlement, Weight does not equal 100% fat. What it equals is the applied force of bone, fat, muscle, blood, hair, organs, water and any other tissue or mineral in your body at the time against the earth.

It has become apparent to me that there is a common misconception about weight, what it means and what the measurement should be used for. This article is designed to disparage some rumours and falshoods as well as provide some advice on how to beat the numbers and get your results.

Falsehood 1 - BMI is accurate

The BMI or Body Mass Index is the measurement by which most people that come out of a doctors surgery, are measured against when they are told they are obese or underweight. The issue with this particular test is that it has too many variables to be called reliable.

Beleive it or not ladies and gentleman according to the BMI, I am overweight. My height and weight give me a BMI reading of 29.7 which, if you talk to any doctor, he will tell you that is at least 4 points higher than "normal range". Most individuals would instantly run for the fat burners and jump on the treadmill. Except for one little overlooked fact. MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT. Therefore my BMI result is purely a calculation of my muscle mass, not my body fat.

Falsehood 2 - One kilogram is a sign of fat loss / gain

If you look at the scales today and see a number and then look at it tommorow at the same time and it is a kilo heavier, or lighter, chances are the majority of that kilo is made up of water, food, and faeces. Each and every day most people eat anywhere between 1 and 5 kilograms of food and water. Each and every one of those kilograms has to go somewhere and although allot of it gets broken down into its mineral components, the reality is your still left with waste matter that has "mass" and "weighs" a certain amount. 

Falsehood 3 - Weight loss always equals Fat loss

It may do but it may not....

For the same reasons as falsehood one, the word "weight" should not be used when talking about body fat. Just because your scales are saying your lighter today, doesnt necassarily mean your bodyfat has decreased. Ask yourself, did I drink as much water yesterday? have I been sitting in the office more than normal (muscle wastage), or have I had increased bowel movements? The answer to these questions along with the question of "have I been excercising" should provide a good indicator as to what you have lost.

Falsehood 4 - Your weight defines you

In today's society there is always this insecent need to make things simple. There appears to be this constant want to change things instantaneously and to get dissapointed or upset when it doesn't happen straight away. Beleive it or not, this constant need for self gratification has been exploited to the enth degree by the fitness industry the food industry and the fashion industry. Every single day all these companies want is for you, the consumer, to be constantly wondering about what you need to do to become societies version of "healthy". The issue is then further confused by an unrealistic version of "healthy" which was created by those same industries. In short the one thing that ties all those industries together, the measure by which all of them conduct their marketing campaigns is one word "Weight". Society wants you to define yourself by weight. Its a simple as listening to the television and the term will become evident. "Lose weight" , "gain weight" , "the weight of 100 oranges" "help you lose weight" "weight loss program" "lose weight fast". It goes on and on and on. The reality is its a simple word that transpires into sales. If your weight defines you, then products sell.

Falsehood 5 - Theres one answer out there!

Hot tip....theres not.

The key to remaining healthy (Im talking having a fulfilling life through balanced sustainable food plans, sustainable exercise and a positive body image) is EDUCATION!! You dont have to train INSAIYAN everyday. You dont have to be "The Rock" all the time. In fact its almost impossible to remain like that and actually have a job. All you have to do is know more about YOUR body and its intricasies. The industry has a habit of constantly saying "everyone is different" and "no one size fits all" well....... its kinda true. However if a constant must be found, it's simply the level of education an individual needs to understand how THEIR OWN body reacts to different things. I wouldnt tell someone who's lactose intolerant to have milk, nor would I ask a gluten intolerant person to have wheat. So why would I ask someone to eat a certain amount of calories per day without knowing how their body will absorb it? There is no one answer for EVERY PERSON but there is for the puzzle. Education. Learn how to listen to your own body and you'll find YOUR ANSWER, not THE ANSWER.


Fact 1 - Looking at the scales every day wont help!

It wont. All it will do is add another 35 seconds to your day that you should of spent looking in the mirror and stating how gratefull you are for waking up. The reality is that if scales are to be used to measure fat loss or muscle gain, it needs to be used in conjunction with far more usefull measurments. Body fat percentage or BFP measurement is by no means 100% accurate either. The most popular version of this test relies on human measurment and the electronic version can be interfered with if you drink to much water. BUT! It is better than using the scales by themselves. Quick question if my BFP has gone down in a week but the scales have gone up..... what happened? Fat loss! Its that kind of cross analysis that should be done to get an accurate and mentally healthy understanding of your body composition. Without that understanding you would have mistaken your weight gain for fat gain and lost all the self praise you should of had.

Hot tip, if you MUST use scales, use them once a week, at the same time, in CONJUNCTION with BFP. Even better.... give the scales to your bin and let the mirror do the talking.

Fact 2 - Scales Dont Lie... they just dont tell you the whole truth, same thing?

Nope...they don't lie. They will tell you exactly how much force is being applied to the scale as a result of all of your body components being dragged to the earth by gravity. Won't a say thing about body fat.....or muscle.

Not Fact but Personal Opinion 3 - Focusing on a number will send you nuts

Well this is a personal note. Over the last few months I have been very focused on the scales. I've looked at the numbers and to be honest, I didn't like what I saw. I dropped from 97kg (post chrissy :P ) to 92 since March and well to be honest, it doesnt seem like much. For a while, I was getting very disheartened, forgetting everything I just wrote down and started focusing on the number, 97...99..95...96...95 and so it went on. The constant emotional rollercoaster was epic. I was training really hard every day, pushing heaps of weight and what I saw on the scales was not much at all. The only thing that kept me going was my partner saying..."you've leaned out today" which is trainer speak for lost body fat. The reality was my weight wasn't shifting. As my body fat percentage dropped, and my muscle mass increased, it was at such a rate that it wasn't noticable on the scales. Same weight...but different. My focus, my happines and body image all suffered while I kept looking for a change. The changes were there, they were just on the wrong machine!


The sum of all that is written above is simple to read but hard to comprehend. The scales will only tell you how much force is being applied to the ground as a result of your mass. The scales are only usefull if they are compared to other tests and weight alone is literally just a number. Learning how to listen to YOUR body and find YOUR answer is the ONLY way to reach your health goals. The education is not easy..... it will take a while..... but at the end.. youl never have to double guess a weight loss shake advertisement ever again!