Find Your Power & Ice Bath 

Come and tap into your souls true goals, what YOU truly want for yourself for 2024. Walk away empowered and ready to create holistic health and fitness changes that will improve your whole life.

We see so many people working really hard and rowing that boat with as much energy as they can,

BUT……They’re rowing in the wrong direction which only leads to increased weight gain, inflammation, stress, not gaining the results that they want and possibly even giving up completely.

What Hayley will teach on this day will BLOW YOUR MIND when you realise that you’ve been using up all of your energy and focus on the very things that are holding you back!

Sometimes all you need is a little change of focus in the little habits that will GIVE YOU ENERGY, those daily habits that will improve your hormones, without the need for expensive supplements and those that will create balance, harmony and the energy that you need to succeed.

There will be lots of ‘ah ha’ moments, lots of ‘oh, I didn’t even know that’ and lots of, ‘oh that’s why I keep failing’ kind of realisations on the day.

“It’s not that you’re failing, you’re just going about it the wrong way!”

You will learn how to create a clear path of where your focus needs to go to not only create results, but to create that Yin Yang balance in health and in your life so that the results come so much easier. Not only in health but in abundance of all areas.

Oh and the best bit!!

Finish off with an ICE BATH and really show yourself what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. The ice bath will invigorate you and inspire you to really live out your year as the fit, healthy and confident person that you have always aspired to be.
WHO SHOULD attend?

This is one of our members only sessions. We do open up other workshops throughout the year, but this one is a H.A.I.L community only as it builds the relationships and trust in each other so that we can all support each other throughout the year.

Members are to book via PT Minder!! No cost!!
(If you’re not a member and don’t want to miss out, head here and pop in for a chat.

I can’t wait to sit with you all and tap into your 2024 goals and help you to gain clarity of what you truly want and to have you walk away feeling icy fresh AF and ready to smash your goals with a positive attitude.

– Hails