Energise & Elevate your health!!

Designed exclusively for busy people over 40 in Redcliffe, and surrounding areas who:

  • Are tired of the HIIT training gyms that leave you feeling exhausted AF
  • May have physical injuries or just niggles that stop you from training because you don’t know what to do.
  • Are afraid that maybe if you don’t start now, you’ll continue to gain more weight or become soft and fluffier
  • Have fallen out of love with looking after yourself due to business or family commitments
  • Has put their health on the back burner
  • Gets exhausted at the thought of training like you’re 25years old again 
  • Wants to start something to GIVE you energy, strength, vitality again and to rid a bit of fluff 

We have designed a health and fitness program specifically suited to those wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle long term, and to stop putting health last.

Fitter, stronger and happier with a holistic approach
What can you expect at H.A.I.L?
  • Learn how to train to suit your body and busy lifestyle
  • Learn how unique your body is and how to train to suit you
  • Reduce pain and improve injuries through our tailored systems like no others
  • Learn to love making time for you and your health again
  • Gain incredible energy for LIFE so that you can live out your dreams
  • Train in sessions that you can do, will still challenge you, and will leave you feeling energised and not thrashed
  • Gain incredible STRENGTH
  • Improve CORE STRENGTH to be able to nail life feeling strong and stable
  • Feel energised and happy within yourself again

At H.A.I.L Fitness, we understand the unique challenges you face while running a business or juggling multiple responsibilities in life. That’s why we’re offering an exclusive opportunity this month, for 5 people to undergo a comprehensive Posture, Mobility & Movement (PMM) assessment with us and to trial our services.

I’ve rediscovered my energy, my confidence, and my love for life with H.A.I.L Fitness

“I’m 37, mum of two young boys and run my own business. I have never had ‘weight issues’ but since I’ve had children I’ve not been happy with my body. Mostly because of up & down energy levels, neck & back pain, tummy holding a lot of inflammation and difficulty recovering after a workout (days of soreness). 
I was so confused as I thought I ate relatively healthy, I was working out three times a week and would pick the HIIT /smash your body sessions so I could ‘lose weight and tone up’ yet nothing budged. 
After joining HAIL fitness, I went through a MAJOR learning curve about how to workout for my age, body, stage of life, cycle and also how to FUEL my body properly – I quickly realised that I was totally on the wrong path!
I’ve been able to lose 6kgs and lost 10cm off my waist in the last few months- my headaches and neck pain are gone and for first time in over 5 years and I am starting to love & appreciate my body again. I even wore a bikini this summer for the first time in years!”


Are You Ready to gain ELITE health and wellness designed just for you?

The usual price for our in-depth posture mobility and movement assessment is $195. But this month, as we introduce our new staff members, you get it for just $95. An unparalleled deal for an approach that understands YOU.

Since joining H.A.I.L Fitness, I’ve felt more aligned with my body than ever before!

“I embraced work as a distraction and always figured one day I would get back on track. And, from time to time I did but I always struggled to keep on that path. Eventually my health took a real nosedive, and I was seriously in a bit of trouble!

Fortunately, at this time I came upon Hail Fitness. Hayley and the team have helped me to completely turn around my attitude and approach as to what I truly wanted to achieve. It has been tough for me to face a few realities, but Hayley has been there all the way to guide and support me. She has gone above and beyond to help me adapt and embrace a healthy mindset which has made the world of difference. Physically, my activities have been adapted along the way. All the time a focus on what my body can achieve at that point in time.
Finally, I have lost 15 kilos and I believe I am on track with my new lifestyle.”


You’ve tried the rest; you’ve tried the smash and thrash methods and know that they don’t carry over long term. Now experience a method that truly understands you. You deserve a training approach that complements your body, hormones, and energy.
“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: The future can be better, and I have the power to make it so.”

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Secure your spot among the exclusive 5 today who will gain access to unleash their own personal version of ELITE health.